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Sunny Brettman is a biracial Black, Trans, Epileptic writer and artist.  His work explores the places where the frayed and tender edges of isolation, family connection, and spirituality meet.  Find more of his art and connect with him on instagram @GoneViveur, and keep your eyes peeled for his forthcoming comic novel, the Likely Cartoon Songbook!


On April 2, 2019 I just remember calling 911 around 2 a.m.for shortness of breath.  I awoke two days later in the hospital with a tube down my throat.  I had an emergency tracheostomy.  I left the hospital June 2, 2019 with a trach.  Along with other medical issues i was born life just did a complete 360.  I thought life as I knew it was done.  Since then, I’ve basically been home-bound trying to recover.  I have learned to garden, cook and knit. I’ve relearned crocheting, and I’m even flirting with the idea of opening an online store, especially while I deal with the paperwork mess of filing for disability coverage. I’ve become a vegan, so I try to incorporate the things I grow in my garden to what I bring to the table.

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Levon Valle, also known as "Mwatuangi", is an artist, writer, and advocate that incorporates mental health, disability, spirituality, and his cultural heritages into his work. He currently prefers to explore his work through a surrealist perspective to convey how he perceives the world post-neurosurgery. Other hobbies include reading obscure scholarly research, gaming, and tending to his sacred tree Yaya.


Basil's written work focuses primarily on urban fantasy and explores themes of disability rights and advocacy, the psychology of the other, and racial injustice. Their stories almost always have at least one magical inanimate object that becomes very animated, very fast. They currently live in the land of endless summer and infinite gators also known as Florida. When they’re not writing, they’re usually playing video games or watching cartoons with their sibling.

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Hi there! I’m the artist behind Tienda Chulito. I’ve been an artist all my life, but resin is my latest passion. I am afrolatinx, sephardi, chronically ill/disabled, queer & trans. 


When I’m not making resin, you can find me making music! check out my album here!


Dr Marcia is a powerlifting strongwoman & black spoonie living, playing, lifting, & practicing physical therapy in South Florida. She is the owner of Just Move Therapy and a co-host on the Disabled Girls Who Lift podcast.

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As a person with Autism, Dyshaunn has a unique perspective of the world he captures with his art. When asked whether he understood what autism was, he responded “Yes, Autism means HAPPY!” 


We hope that through his art, you can see and feel his infectious joy.


I’m an Advocacy Poetry Visual Artist that focuses on what it’s like to be an individual with a disability who uses a wheelchair. My goal is to express myself with these art pieces and give a voice to my peers with disabilities. My personal goal is to empower my peers to see themselves in the community, and to bring awareness to the world.  I do not allow my disability to define me, because I’m a powerful Black woman in a wheelchair and my future looks bright.

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[Image ID: A drawing of a garden of multicolor flowers. The top text reads "Our Garden of Sponsors". Above the flowers are five bees- the names of the people and organizations Jennifer Woo, Heart Consulting LLC, Chrysalis Pops, TMG, Arts For All, and Levon Valle trail after each individual bee. There are four stout flowers in orange, blue, purple, and pink. They are labeled Premier Financial, Wisconsin Council of the Blind & Visually Impaired, Compassion Caregivers LLC (logo only), Community Living Alliance, and Kara Mannor. There is a stout purple flower with a purple and orange bud on top of it, labeled WisPACT. Access to Independence is written on the leaves and stem of a spiky blue flower with an orange center. GT Independence the Great Lakes ADA Center are represented by a purple/orange and blue/pink tulip. WORT is a represented by a large dark orange and light orange flower. BPDD is represented by a blue rose. Madison Arts Commission is represented by three stems of pink butterfly bush. Dane Arts is represented by a large blue symmetrical flower with an orange center. End image ID.]